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Dads + Kids + Parks

One Saturday a Month

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Welcome to SaturDADS

We are Dads and Kids making memories at parks one Saturday a month. Join our email list or follow us on social media to stay in the know for dates and location info!

What do Dads and Saturdays have to do with each other? EVERYTHING! Many Dads do not get enough opportunities to spend quality time with our kids, we set out on a mission to change that. Saturdays are the perfect opportunity to get the kids out of the house and give our hard working Moms a chance to relax for a few hours! Our motto is: Dads Hang – Kids Play – Moms Relax!


Why we do what we do

We make it easy for dads and their kids to play together… kids need that. It’s so easy as a dad to get caught up and miss out on playing with our little ones, so here’s a community of dads that want to rock this father thing all together. Play with your kids, eat donuts, drink coffee (thank you Starbucks), hang with other dads too. Here’s more gold — Mom does whatever she wants for two hours while we’re stepping up as fathers!
It’s good stuff. And yeah, it’s all free… no cost to this goodness!
And YES… we invite Moms to LIKE our page because many of us dads need the moms to remind us to go (or even push us out of the house).
See you there.

Start a SaturDADS in your town!

We would be SO excited to help give you a blueprint to start your very own SaturDADS in your local town. Reach out TODAY!

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